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My Story

Growing up, I wasn't a big fan of physical activity.  I was the kid that hid in the back during dodgeball, "forgot" my gym shoes on a regular basis, and was only on organized teams because my school was so small there weren't enough players to cut.  Running?  Only in an emergency.

When I was in my mid-twenties, I started going to a boot class that required some running.  Wind sprints, fireman drills, laps.  I hated them but my competitive streak started to come out.  I complained all the time but I ran.  One day my friend Cristi commented that even though I hated running, I was pretty good at it.  To this day I credit her with planting that seed.  

In 2007 I decided to join a Detroit Free Press Marathon relay team with some co-workers.  How the talked me into it is beyond me.  I was running a 5ish mile leg.  I'd never run that far in my life so to prepare for it I decided to run a 10K. Yes, my first race ever was a 10K.  

I ran it.  I loved it.  The rest is history.  


5K - 20:04 (Run du Nain Rouge, 2014)
10K - 40:27 (Run Wild for the Detroit Zoo, 2015)
10 mile - 1:07:32 (Crim, 2015)
Half Marathon - 1:28:36 (Rock CF, 2014)
25K - 1:56:01 (Riverbank Run, 2016)
Full Marathon - 3:07:38 (Boston, 2014)

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