Monday, November 5, 2012

Vegan-Friendly Holiday Soaps

Even though it's only November 5th, you can't fight the fact that the holidays are bearing down upon us and will be here before we know it.  Thanksgiving is early this year and I just heard on the radio that it's only 49 days until Christmas!  

If you ask me, it's still too soon.  I'm not ready to think about the holidays!  But when it comes to soap - especially the just-released limited-edition Holiday Collection from Cellar Door Soap Co. - it can never be too early to bring on the holiday cheer.  We're past farmers' market season so I've been worrying for weeks about how I was going to get my hands on the holiday soaps.  (What?  Doesn't everyone lose a little sleep over soap now and again?)  I needn't have worried, however, because it's craft fair season and this Saturday Cellar Door was at not one but two fairs for the big release of the new soaps.  And I made sure I was at one of them.

You may recall my Fall and Halloween soap-buying extravaganza when I bought ten bars of soap at once.  I just couldn't decide!  This time I exercised a little restraint and didn't buy every new soap in the Holiday Collection.  I did, however, buy multiple bars of my favorites so I still left with ten bars.  Plus the two I picked up for Katie.  That doesn't really count as "exercising restraint" now, does it?  ha ha!

Hands down, Christmas Cookies is my absolute favorite.  It smells exactly as you'd think it would smell.  I've been waiting for a vegan sugar cookie soap and was super excited to see this in the Holiday Collection.  I bought two bars but now I'm regretting not buying more.  This one is almost out of stock already!  Chestnuts Roasting is a close second favorite.  It smells like a delicious dessert made with chestnuts, brown sugar, and caramel.  I also bought two bars of this one.  The one hiding in the back is Pumpkin Pie.  Mmmmm...

Santa's Pipe is another one that I bought two bars of.  It reminds me of Once Bitten from the Halloween Collection because of the cherry and vanilla but it also has raspberry and a hint of tobacco.  Not that I'm a fan of tobacco but it really works here.  As for Krampus, it has a fabulous scent of lemon, mint, vanilla, and menthol, but I would have bought it for the name alone.  Krampus is a mythical creature who goes along with St. Nicholas and punishes the bad children, sometimes even taking away those who are especially naughty!  How had I never heard of Krampus before??

I picked out North Pole Forest and Sugared Spruce with Brian in mind.  He loves Christmas trees so I thought he'd like them.  Both of them smell like a walk through the woods!

Here's the full Holiday Collection, including the 3 soaps I did not buy - Bayberry, Frost Bite, and Peppermint Mocha.  If you want to get your hands on some of these, you can order online but you better hurry.  They won't be around for long . . . and don't expect to come shopping in my closet!  (Unless you want a good deal on some Lush soap.  Ha ha!)

What is your favorite holiday scent?