Sunday, March 4, 2012

Road Running Again

As of late, my road running has been so sporadic that I've contemplated changing my blog name to "Vegan Cross Trainer".  I've been exercising regularly but the cardio portion of my workouts has been more boot camp, cycle, elliptical, and Stair Master than running. 

Now, if you me personally or you've read this post, you're probably wondering what the big deal is.  It isn't like me to train anyway or freak out about a race.  It's just that this year has been stressful in so many ways and my body has been through the ringer, mentally and physically.  So although I've been working out, I've sort of been on auto-pilot and haven't been giving it my all.  (Sometimes I barely break a sweat at the gym - it's been that bad.)  As a result, I've gained weight, which has left me feeling sluggish, tired, depressed, and quite honestly, NOT in the mood to run. 

Considering that, the prospect of two upcoming 1/2 marathons in the next five weeks is a little daunting.  I realized the other day that I'm not in as good as pre-race shape as I usually am.  So this week I ran two times - 4 miles and 5.75 miles.  Neither run was speedy but both of them felt great.  And although it was only two runs I've felt more energetic and happier than I have in months.  Even my gym workouts have improved!  It's amazing how much of a boost a good workout can be for my mood.  If I can keep up this pace of a couple runs a week and more intense cross-training, I'll definitely be in much better shape for my spring races.  Will I set any new PRs?  Nope.  Am I okay with that?  Yep.  I'm just coming out of hibernation.  There's a whole season ahead of me and I'll just be getting warmed up!

Finally trying out my new kicks on the road - aren't these babies sweet?

Upcoming Races:

What races are you running this spring?

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