Sunday, April 15, 2012

On the Run: Martian Invasion of Races Half Marathon 2012

This is one sweet ride!

Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of my first half marathon.  The Martian Marathon is not the most exciting race to run but it's nostalgic to me because if was my first big race.  Plus it's in Dearborn, so I appreciate that I can just roll out of bed and be at the starting line in 5 minutes, then be home again right after I'm done.  The course is extremely monotonous but one that I run often so while there can be a certain boredom to that there's also a sense of comfort, as well.

All that being said, and given my spectacular performance in the Rock CF Rivers half marathon 3 weeks ago, you'd think that I'd have been rarin' to go for this race.  Not exactly.  Brian and I were in San Francisco all week drinking wine and stumbling, uh walking, up and down hills, across the Golden Gate Bridge, and from Piers 2 - 49.  I never got adjusted to the 3 hour time difference while we were there and we were on the go constantly so I felt sleep-deprived.  We got home around 9:30 p.m. Friday night and I went to bed around midnight, thinking I'd fall right asleep.  Not quite.  Instead I just felt anxious.

When the alarm went off at 7:00 I was feeling less then rested.  And I had a stomach ache.  Great.  And there was rain in the forecast.  Excellent.  

Once I got to the starting line I was feeling a lot better about everything.  My stomach had calmed down a bit, I had a brand spanking-new playlist (thanks to an iTunes update allowing me to sync my Nano this time), and the rain had held off.  So off I went.

The first 6 miles felt fantastic.  I was probably running a little slower than I could have but didn't want to rush myself.  When I hit the turn around, however, I kicked it up a notch since I knew I was holding back.  Plus Kelly Clarkson came on and gave me some extra motivation.

Unfortunately, my stomach ache came back during the last 5 miles.  The last 3 miles were the worst.  THE WORST.  It really slowed me down.  You'd think I'd have learned my lesson from Dexter-Ann Arbor.  I should have made a stop but I was determined to just keep going.  I stop for nothing.  NOTHING.

Despite my horrendous stomach ache, I still managed to rock it out at the end and finish strong.  I just wish I could have pushed myself a little harder, though, earlier in the race.  When I found out my time I was kicking myself because it was just 8 seconds slower than last year.  EIGHT SECONDS SLOWER!!!   

And last year was my fastest Martian time yet.  Blerg!  So close!  I know considering everything with my stomach, the vacation, the flight, etc. I should be proud but I can't help but think of all the points in the race that I could have shaved off a few seconds and beat my time.  I mean come on - EIGHT SECONDS?!?  sigh.  And I mean really, my legs weren't even tired.  Stupid stomach.  

Well, all in all, it's another race well-ran.  I did enjoy it and had a fabulous playlist to listen to.  Seriously, every song was a perfect running song.  They are all highly recommended.

Lesson learned?  Stop when you have a terrible stomach ache?  Nah, that's silly.  Of course you just press on with every step being more agonizing than the one before.  Better to just get it over with, right?  ha ha.  No, perhaps don't have a massive bowl of oatmeal with raisins the night before a big race.  Yes, that's what I'll come away from this one with.  Then the need to stop becomes a moot point. 

Mama Martian and me!  (She was a little stand-offish.)


Vanilla Almond Luna Bar, banana

Ready to Start / The Arcade Fire
In the Sun / She & Him
Bright Side / Otto Vector
Party in the USA / Miley Cyrus
Back and Forth / Foo Fighters
Hurts Like Heaven / Coldplay
Lonely Boy / The Black Keys
Dear Rosemary / Foo Fighters
Free My Mind / Katie Herzig
Rumour Has It / Adele
Gonna Make You Love Me / Ryan Adams
We Found Love / Rihanna
Kiss With a Fist / Florence & the Machine
I Might / Wilco
Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) / Kelly Clarkson
Spiderwebs / No Doubt
The Pretender / Foo Fighters
Running Out of Time / Hot Hot Heat
Machu Picchu / The Strokes
DoYaThing / Gorillaz feat. Andre 3000
From Now On / The Features
Gold on the Ceiling / The Black Keys
Lovefool / The Cardigans
I Didn't Mean It / The Belle Brigade
Arlandria / Foo Fighters
Waiting / Green Day
Devil's Dance Floor / Flogging Molly
Love the Way You Lie (Ft. Rihanna) / Eminem

Did you run any of the Martian Invasion of the Races events?


  1. Not to mention you won bronze in your age group!

    1. Yes, I did come in 3rd! I think I was supposed to get an award but I didn't know I was 3rd until after I left. It probably wasn't much of anything anyway.

  2. It's probably good you didn't stop - the bathrooms were all locked! I had to pee SO bad I finally decided to stop only to discover the locked doors. So you would have just wasted time trying to stop!


    1. Bummer, Kac! :( That's what I was afraid of!