Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Detroit Marathon Countdown: 17 Weeks

My marathon seemed so far away when I registered for it back in January.  It still seemed so far away earlier this month when I was running DX-A2 saying, "Oh, I haven't started training yet.  My marathon isn't until October."  Thankfully I decided to look at a training schedule and count the weeks because BAM!  Suddenly here I am on week 2 of an 18-week training plan!  Looks like that marathon isn't so far away after all.

This is one of Hal Higdon's marathon training plans, recommended by some experienced runners who seem to know a thing or two.  Training is new for me and those of you who read my blog know that I do not train.  Never have, not for any distance I've run.  Which is why I've never run a marathon before.  But even I know, you HAVE to train for a marathon!  Although this is my first time running 26.2 miles, I've run 4 halfs and a few 10Ks this year, plus my weekly mileage is substantial enough that I felt I could bypass the Beginner and jump to the Intermediate training schedule.  (There is also an Advanced.  All of his plans can be found on his website.)  Here is the one I'll be following:

I love that the long run is on Sunday - that's the best day for me to get that in.  Monday is perfect for cross-training because I have a cycle class.  I'll definitely be making a few adjustments to the schedule, though, to accommodate Boot Camp and my other cycle class.  The Tuesday run is a little shorter than Wednesday so I'll flip those two, giving me less mileage on Boot Camp days.  I'll take my "rest" day from running on Thursday instead of Friday.  That way I can cycle on Thursday and do my run on Friday.  I'll have to do both Boot Camp and running Saturday but I can take it easy with the running part of class and focus on strength.  (*The aforementioned changes are not sanctioned by Hal Higdon and results are not guaranteed if you follow my deviation from the plan!  wink wink)

I'll see how it goes.  I've never done this sort of intense race training so I may find that one of my classes has to go.  I believe that cross-training is important, however, and I love the social aspect of group exercise.  As long as I get enough rest and refuel and rehydrate properly, I should do okay.  In fact, I already run most days now AND do my classes without a problem.

Two added challenges, however, will be the increased speed on Saturday (race pace) and increased distance on Sunday.  These are two elements that I don't incorporate into my weekly runs now and I think they are going to be key in helping me reach my goal.  What is my goal, you ask?

Boston 2015.  Shoot for the stars, baby!

Are you training for a marathon or have you recently run one?


  1. I used one of Hal's beginner plans for my first marathon! Worked well & that was my fastest full yet. When I was trying to sort out combining training with the group classes, Cristi suggested treating boot camp like a running day - she said we typically get enough miles in that I didn't need to run extra. So if it becomes too time-consuming or you're not getting the rest you need, maybe you can just go all out on the runs at boot camp & not worry about additional miles those days. I look forward to "following" your training & can't wait to hear about your race! YAY for Boston - I'm sure you can do it!

    1. Thanks, Kaci! I appreciate the input, especially from a seasoned pro such as yourself! Yeah, I agree about boot camp days. That's probably enough running for one day. I'll keep you posted! :)