Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tuesdays at Woodbridge Pub

I love Tuesdays!  Since January it's been my favorite night of the week.  Why Tuesday, you ask?  Two words: Afternoon Delight*.  (Woodbridge's name for Happy Hour.)  From 5-8pm you can get THE best hand-crafted cocktails for only $5.  I'm talking creative, high-quality drinks made with top shelf liquor.  I recently went to Two James and I can easily say the drinks at Woodbridge rival those I had at Two James.  And at half the price on Tuesdays?  Yes please!  There's a main menu, plus a special each week.  Here's a look at the menu:

My favorite is the Booze Hound, followed closely by Xoloizxuintle.  The latter I refer to as "the shrub" because it's made with a pineapple basil habanero shrub, which the bartender, Rob, makes himself.  Also it's easier to call it that than it's actual name. 

As if things weren't already fantastic, Woodbridge has upped the ante with the addition of Taco Tuesdays.  There is both a pork and vegetarian version, made with soy protein. Rob checked and the vegetarian ones could be made vegan!  There was some kind of sour cream sauce that just needed to be left off.  They were delicious and everything about them was fresh.  You get three for $6.

Anywhere you sit at Woodbridge is great - table, booth, even outside on the picnic tables now that the weather is so nice.  Our favorite spot, however, is the bar.  We love to talk to Rob and the others at the bar.  Some are regulars from the neighborhood; many are stopping in for the first time.  

Check out their website, find them on Facebook, or just stop in and order a drink.  If it's a Tuesday you'll probably see me there!

*I honestly can't NOT think of that episode of "Arrested Development"!  (wink wink)

What's your favorite Happy Hour spot in the Detroit area?

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  1. Does Xoloizxuintle make you as hairless as its namesake?