Saturday, October 18, 2014

Detroit Free Press Marathon - 1 More Day!

I haven't been updating you about tomorrow's race like I have for my last two marathons, mainly because of my hamstring injury. I started training late, wondering if I was even going to run the race.  I very loosely followed my training plan. I ran through a lot of pain. I was in PT and on anti-inflammatories for much of training.  My motivation dwindled. Due to these factors I adjusted my goal from a 3:05 finish (7:03 pace) to a 3:10 finish (7:15 pace).  This would put me ahead of Freep last year (3:14:49) but it wouldn't be a PR (Boston - 3:07:38).  

Things have improved.  I've had some good solid races in the past month, placing me at the top in several of them.  I ran the courses faster than the previous years' races, even if I didn't PR.  I kicked butt at Brooksie Way a few weeks ago (post will eventually be up!), which was the second part of my 22-mile training run.  So that got me thinking that maybe I could run this thing in 3:05.  So this week I had a mini freak-out about pace. Justin from RUNdetroit helped work out a good plan for me that will allow me to start out slower, pick up the pace after I'm good and warmed up, put in a good kick at the end (fingers crossed!), and still meet my goal.  

Anyway, whatever I end up running, I'm just hoping for nice weather and that my hamstring holds out.  I need the wheels to stay on until I cross the finish line.  Then I will rest.  

If you want to track me on your phone or desktop, you can do so by following these directions from the race Web site (

  • Follow on your iPhone/Android app store by searching "Detroit Free Press", download the free app, and then access our 'Track Your Runner' link starting TOMORROW MORNING on race day (note: link will NOT appear on the app until Sunday AM). 
  • Desktop users can alternatively visit this link on race day morning to also track their runner:
I'll post on my Vegan Road Runner Facebook page after the race.  Blog post will be later. I still owe you one on Brooksie Way so don't hold your breath!  haha!

Event: Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank Marathon
Start Time: 7:00 a.m.

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