Sunday, March 6, 2016

Little Bold Victories

This marathon training cycle hasn't been about typical milestones.  I'm steadily building my mileage; increasing my weekly volume and long run distance.  The runs themselves haven't been overwhelming; however, I feel that each one has presented a new challenge to overcome that has left me feeling bolder and stronger.

Due to some crappy weather this week, I ran on the treadmill one day.  Treadmill runs are hard for me because my stride is different, putting strain on my hamstring.  The faster I go the worse it is.  The solution?  Run slower, which means more time on the treadmill.  Better safe than in pain.  About halfway in at a slower pace I felt good and was able to increase my speed to my aerobic pace.  Getting to that point was my bold victory.

Another day this week I had a 12-mile tempo run.  My plan was to warm up 2 miles, run 3x3 tempo intervals (2 minute jog between), then cool down for the rest.  As soon as I started I could feel my legs were not up for the task.  My first set was faster than aerobic but hardly tempo pace. There was no way I could run out my miles as planned.  When I hit my turn-around point at mile 6, however, I decided to give it another try.  I knew I had 3 miles of open road stretching out ahead of me so I ran as fast as I could - my own private 5K time trial.  It was the fastest I'd run in months!  Making that choice to run those 3 tempo miles when I was ready to give up was my bold victory.

Yesterday I ran 18 miles.  That was not my bold victory.  It was the little moments within the run - introducing myself to a girl I didn't know so we could run together and talk for 7 miles, running through my favorite parts of Detroit by myself, sloshing through the slushiest snow with a smile - those were the bold victories.  

Don't lose sight of the small moments, the little victories.  

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  1. Life is full of bold victories that we too often overlook because they do not come in the shape that we expect. We need to see, name and celebrate the greatness contained in the seemingly small moments.