Monday, January 3, 2011

Crazy for Christmas Cookies

This is a basket we put together to take to Christmas dinner.  
(photo by Brian)

Brian and I always do a lot of holiday baking.  We love to make a variety of cookies and chocolates and then give them away as gifts, take to parties, etc.  Since I went vegan, I’ve only made 2-3 of our cookies animal-free for selfish reasons.  If they weren’t vegan, I couldn’t eat them.  So long temptation, right?  This year I decided to be a more conscious baker and make almost all* the cookies vegan.  The result?  DELICIOUS cookies . . . but a LOT of them!  I just can’t help myself around cookies.  It’s like I grow shaggy blue fur, my eyes get big and googly, and I can only think about one thing – COOKIES!  Even hiding them in the spare bedroom behind a closed door didn't deter me.  If there are vegan cookies I will find them!

By now the cookies have been all eaten . . . mostly by me.  BUT it’s a new year.  Vacation is over and it’s back to the usual routine, which means I’ll be back on a regular eating and working out schedule.  After several gallons of water, lots of raw fruits and vegetables, my trusty Yogi Detox Tea, and a few good sweat sessions, I’ll awake from my sugar- and carbohydrate-induced coma and finally feel like myself again (fingers crossed!).  Thankfully Christmas only comes once a year, right? 

I’ll be posting some of these recipes in the future but for now here’s our 2010 cookie list:

* Brian is always solely responsible for 2 cookies – the Scottish shortbread and coconut macaroons.  While both shortbread and macaroons can and have been made vegan, these particular recipes would not be the same if veganized.  I will, however, be searching for the closest possible vegan replacement…

What are your favorite holiday cookies to bake or eat?

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