Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lovin' Lush

While in Chicago a few weeks back, I hit up Lush for their annual after-Christmas BOGO sale.  It’s really an incredibly good sale!  I bought 2 huge chunks of soap and 2 bubble bars, plus a massage bar (not a holiday item so sadly, not on sale) for only $40.  If you’ve ever even walked into a Lush store, let alone purchased anything, you know that’s an amazing deal! 

I’ve always been torn about Lush soap.  The bars are all natural, free of nasty ingredients, and mostly all vegan but they ARE pricey.  After using the Vanilla in the Mist soap, however, I’m never going back to Dove again!  Smooth and creamy on my skin, it lathered up nicely and smelled heavenly.  Combining that with a Ma bubble bar and following up with the smooth, silky massage bar made for quite a luscious bathing experience.

BONUS – When I went to pay for my items with a gift card Brian gave me for Christmas, the sales girl sadly reported that I couldn’t use the card at that store.  That Lush was actually part of Macy’s, rather than the stand-alone store where he purchased the card.  Why is this a bonus, you ask?  Because I wasn’t going to put everything back and go to another store so I paid with my credit card and still have the gift card to use another time!  Plus she felt bad and threw in a few samples (a sugar scrub, some hair moisturizer, and something else).  

Although a lot of my beauty and personal care items are not vegan, I'm slowly making the transition.  Thanks Lush for making it a whole lot easier!

What are your favorite Lush products?

A few of my spoils - Vanilla in the Mist soap, Gingerbread bubble bar, and Heavanilli massage bar


  1. When I think of the Lava soap I used on my face while in college.... It made a great creamy lather but it sounds as if Lush has it beat!

  2. Is that what you also used to have in the basement washtub?

  3. the very bar. Don't knock it till you try it.