Friday, July 15, 2011

Farmer's Market Fridays - 7/15/11

It was good to get back to yoga and the Farmer's Market today.  I can't really say I missed it last week (I was in Hawaii so I wasn't missing much of anything in Michigan!) but I was definitely looking forward to it all week.  My left hamstring has been bothering me for the past month or so which made forward bends particularly challenging.  I need to make it a point to stretch it every day, even when I don't run.  A good sports massage might help, too.  Anyway, overall yoga was good but I was really tired so I wasn't quite as tuned in as I should have been.  I was even nodding even before savansana!  (Shhh, don't tell my yogi!)

When we left the yoga studio it was cloudy and sprinkling a bit.  Rain wasn't in the forecast but a little bit is a good thing.  It didn't last very long.  Living Stones was not there this week so I wasn't able to pick up my share.  Due to a lull in the crops, they are taking the week off to give the plants time to grow.  I was okay with that because when I get my share that's pretty much all I get at the market so I don't really choose my produce.  It was fun to look around to see what all the other vendors had to offer and pick what looked good.  

Here are a few pictures from the day:

Beets and parsnips from my favorite farmer

Tomatoes from Prochaska Farms

Zucchini, summer, and patty pan squash

Delicious Avalon treats

The ever-cheerful Avalon guy

Beautiful lettuce arrangement

Michigan blueberries

Sweet cherries

Tomatoes, parsnips, beets, mixed lettuces, pea shoot leaves, and a rosemary plant - I love rosemary!*

*Anyone else remember that episode of The State?

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