Friday, February 10, 2012

Postgame Highlights: Super Bowl Snacks

Chocolate Covered Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Footballs

As promised in my last post, I have some pictures of my Super Bowl snacks to share with you.  I make no apologies for my lack of presentation.  The game had already started.  We just wanted to eat it, not move it around to get the best lighting! 

Katie made the hummus, flatbreads, and olive dip, along with some empanadas.  (Those were quite impressive but not vegan so I didn't photograph.)  Brian even put on his apron, dug out the fondu pot, and whipped up a fancy queso dip (also not vegan but I kinda wished it was!).  Oh, and we had some guacamole from Garden Fresh Gourmet, plus both yellow and blue corn tortilla chips.

Everything was really delicious.  I loved the bean dip and the hummus and flatbreads were amazing.  Oh, and those football cookies?  YUM!! 

Whole-wheat flatbreads
Creamy Kalamata Spread from Veganomicon
Fresh veggies for dipping
Black Bean Chili Dip (with tortilla chips for dipping)

Want the recipes?

Chocolate Covered Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Footballs 
(I cheated and used a tube of store-bought decorator gel - shhh!)

How was your Super Bowl party?


  1. Adorable chocolate-covered footballs! That sort of treat makes me wish I actually did have a Superbowl party, so I could have an excuse to indulge as well.

    1. Hannah, you would surely make the most beautiful and tastiest Superbowl treats!