Friday, March 22, 2013

On the Run: ShamRock 'n' Roll 10K 2013

The morning of my second race of the season dawned much darker, colder, and windier than that of my race a few weeks ago.  Thankfully the streets were cleared from the snow the day before but the windchill made it feel well below 20 degrees.  It was ch-ch-chilly!  That's okay, though, because once I got going I was felt great and didn't get too hot.  Although this race was sold out it wasn't too crowded.  Either it was capped at a low number, they did well with the 2-wave organization, or not everyone showed up due to the cold.  Whatever the reason I was happy with it because I despise crowded races!

I placed 2nd in my age group and was awarded a nice beer mug.  On top of that I was the 4th woman to finish over all.  Alas, it was no PR for me but I'm just getting warmed up, baby!

I don't drink beer but I can put a lot of wine in this!  Ha ha!



Vanilla Chia Pudding (this recipe, minus the cocoa), banana

(all Irish bands for St. Patty's Day) 

Something Good Can Work / Two Door Cinema
Salty Dog / Flogging Molly
Salvation / The Cranberries
Barroom Hero / Dropkick Murphys
Girl From Mars / Ash
Vertigo / U2 
Don't Shut 'Em Down / Flogging Molly
The Great Defector / Bell X1
Devil's Dance Floor / Flogging Molly
I Just Shot John Lennon / The Cranberries
Good Rats / Dropkick Murphys
Selfish Man / Flogging Molly
All Because of You / U2
Someday / Two Door Cinema Club

Next race: Rock CF Rivers Half Marathon - March 24th

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