Sunday, November 10, 2013

On the Run: Mustache Dache Detroit 2013

Yesterday was the second most exciting race of the season (the first being the Freep marathon, of course).  I registered for Mustache Dache Detroit back in August.  Justin and Alia have been talking it up at RUNdetroit since the race was announced but anticipation has been building in the past few weeks.  As word spread, more people rushed to register and the race sold out.  More spots were added and those sold out too.  I don't know about anyone else, but I'd wager the addition of the fuzzy mustache teeter totter might have had something something to do with the sell-out!  

The teeter totter was at the Mustache Bash, along with free Atwater beer for runners, post-race snacks, a mechanical bull, DMC trainers with free hot/cold packs and training advice, 2 food trucks, mustache merch for sale, and the post-race awards ceremony.  The awards were super sweet pint glasses with mustaches on them.  Alas, I did not get one.  They went to the top 3 and I came in 6th in my age group (18-39).  Ah well.  5ks are hard, yo!  

Here's how it all went down.  First of all, it was a super windy day and even windier down near the Detroit River.  That made it a hard race, at least the first mile when there was a major headwind.  I started out at the front but just couldn't handle the wind.  I was passed by a lot of people.  A lot.  I was getting really down on myself for that.  I ran my first mile in 7:25. 

After we turned a corner at the Ren Cen and headed to the Riverwalk, it got better.  I was only nearly blown over twice and was able to gain speed in the second mile.  I chicked several dudes, which definitely boosted my confidence.  I also caught up to and passed a couple of the girls that I started with.  I finally saw my friend Juliette in the distance.  I finished Mile 2 in 7:04.

For the last mile I was really able to pick up the pace.  Yes, the wind had calmed down but really this was when I settled into my zone.  I almost caught up to Juliette.  Then we turned the corner and there was the finish line.  That's when she really poured it on and there was no way I would catch her!  It was amazing to watch.  I ran hard to the end, finishing in 21:44.  My third mile was 6:28, nearly a full minute faster than my first.  

It was just 5 seconds off my PR, which I earned on a windless day.  That was a year ago so I should be faster now.  I don't think I'll get faster in the 5k distance, however, until I start getting serious about my speed work.  As I said earlier, 5ks are hard!  You really have to be flying from the get-go and I'm used to the longer distances where I have time to increase my speed.  Perhaps next season I'll work on that.  

No matter the outcome I had fun running and I got to hang with friends and RUNdetroit running group peeps!  I'd like to say I was tricked out in some mustache-themed get-up but I was not.  I only had some mustache Shwings on my shoes.  There were, however, PLENTY of sweet 'staches - authentic, painted, and store-bought - so enough other people got into the spirit.  There were also some pretty sweet costumes, including many Tom Sellecks.  And I'm proud to add this fabulous finisher medal to my collection!



Banana, 1/2 CLIF Shot

Maneater / Hall & Oates
Attention / The Raconteurs
Run (I'm a Natural Disaster) / Gnarls Barkley
Sharp Dressed Man / ZZ Top
Everybody Get Dangerous / Weezer
Bodysnatchers / Radiohead

*In keeping with the theme of the race, all songs on my playlist were sung by artists sporting 'staches at the time of recording.  I pressed play a bit early so actually started AND ended with "Maneater."  SO appropriate.  

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