Tuesday, March 25, 2014

On the Run: Run du Nain Rouge 2014

To go along with Detroit's Marche du Nain Rouge - an annual event held in Midtown during which the Nain Rouge ("red dwarf") appears and needs to be driven out of the city for another year - Tour de Trout hosted their 2nd annual Run du Nain Rouge 5K. It was a small event with just shy of 400 finishers.  Quite a nice change from the nearly 10,000 at Corktown last week!  

This was one of the most fun and relaxed events I've run.  The start and finish line was on Canfield right out in front of RUNdetroit.  Before the race I stayed warm in the store with all my running friends.  It was basically just an even bigger group run than usual!  I had gotten in 3 miles at home before the race so I did just a short jog up and down Canfield right before the start.  My hamstring had been bothering me in the warmup so I wasn't sure how I would feel.  My goal was to run it faster than Corktown and if it was only by 1 second per mile I would be happy.  Advantages were a flat course, less wind, sunny skies, very familiar territory, and not having run 20 miles the morning of the race.  Plus I had my friends Justin and Amy ahead as clear 1st place male and female winners to keep me motivated to run fast!

I started right at the front and just went for it from the get go.  At first a few people passed me but they were men so I wasn't too upset.  I knew Amy was the only woman ahead of me and I was going to hold onto that 2nd place no matter what!  I occasionally glanced at my watch for pace and every time I did I was shocked at what I saw.  I was running way faster than I thought I could but I just kept going.  Most of the course was on Cass but it also took us around pass the Masonic Temple, which was very cool to run past. There was a turn-around over there so I got to see Justin kicking butt in first place and Amy not far behind.  Then it was back to Cass, which I knew put me in the homestretch. 

Right at the end, just as we were about to round the turn onto Canfield, a guy came from behind to pass me and finish under 20:00.  I was inspired and picked it up a bit but just didn't have it in me for that final push myself.  I finished in 20:04 with an average pace of 6:28/mile.

When I saw the time on the clock and my pace I was so excited you would have thought I'd just qualified for Boston all over again!  I was jumping up and down, high-fiving friends and strangers, and telling volunteers I loved them.  (Brian later told me he was glad he wasn't there - haha!).  Everyone just hung out on Canfield in front of City Bird and RUNdetroit while the rest of the racers finished up and people enjoyed their post-run snacks of blood oranges and red frosting-swirled brownies. Carnival music was playing, everyone was happy, and it was such a festive atmosphere.  I loved every second!  I would have liked to stay for the actual Marche but had to get home to check papers and do report cards (boo!).  Next year I'll make sure to budget my time better so I can stick around.

Because I finished in 2nd place I won a $20 gift certificate from RUNdetroit.  The top 15 finishers also got a Nain Rouge beer koozie and sticker from City Bird.  Fun stuff!

And in case in you were wondering, the Nain Rouge WAS caught and banished from the city, due to his dragon being illegally parked.  Detroit is safe for another year!




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What do YOU think about the legend of the Nain Rouge?

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  1. So glad that you were successful in sending him on his way!