Sunday, April 26, 2015

On the Run: Martian Invasion of Races 10K 2015

I've been running Martian races since 2010, when I stupidly signed up for my first half marathon the day before the event, lack of training be damned.  Since that race I've come a long way and learned many lessons on my journey (some lessons were more painful than others!).  

As I'm coming back from a long and painful hamstring injury, I'm experience running and racing in a whole new light.  It was with a heavy heart that I made my decision not to go to Boston this year.  As much as I wanted to be a part of the experience again - run the race I'd been planning on since requalifying there last year - I knew my body was not ready for it.  Why risk reinjury?  Why run the race and not enjoy it because I was miserable?  Brian and I talked about going to Boston for race weekend but in my heart I knew that would have been hard for me.  In the end we decided to stay home.

When I made the decision to stay in Dearborn I also did two other things: I signed up for the Martian 10K and got the Girls Running Club started again at my school.  Another teacher and I coach the 4th-5th grade girls to help them log 25 miles in the weeks leading up to the Martian Kids Marathon.  Then on race day, they run their final 1.2.  If I was going to be home I was going to make the most of it!

After I signed up for my race my friend Megan from RUNdetroit asked me if I would pace her for the race.  I didn't have to think twice!  I love Megan and don't get to run with her often enough.   

Race day dawned bright and beautiful.  And warm.  HOT if you ask those running the marathon and half marathon.  Temps reached into the 70's for the kids race at noon.  One thing I love about Martian is that my house is 1.5 miles from the starting line so I can avoid parking and porta potties, plus get in a nice warm-up run on the way.  Megan came over to run there with Brian and me.  He was running the 5K.  We got to the race with only about 10 minutes to spare - just long enough to meet up with the rest of the RUNdetroit Flight Club group that was running and get a group picture.  Our friend Lee was running the 10K, too, and decided to run with us.  

I really like the 10K course.  I ran the half for 4 years and while it's not bad, it's honestly not that great.  The 10K has you on Hines for just long enough not to get boring.  Before that you see some nice Dearborn homes and the Dearborn Country Club. Afterwards you hit the Rouge Gateway Trail and run through UM-Dearborn campus, which has some nice rolling hills.  Megan, Lee, and I stayed together the whole time.  I entertained them with stories to pass the time.  We got some shoutouts for our RUNdetroit jerseys, which is always fun.  

Megan had two goals and she met her secondary goal.  She finished 3rd in her age group. I was so proud of her!  

After the race we stuck around while the other Flight Club members finished the 10K. I love celebrating their PR's with them!  Then we went to Starbucks to refuel and I headed back to the finish area to check on half marathoners.  At that point my girls were starting to arrive for the Kids Marathon.  For most of them it was their first race ever and they were nervous and excited all at once.  They were asking me so many questions!  When it was go time they went for it!  Some of them a little too fast and they had to walk but they always started up again.  I went back for one of my girls who was struggling.  She was jogging when she could and at the end was able to run it in hard to cross the finish line.  I was so proud of each and every one of my 33 students that completed their race that day!

One pain-free lesson I've learned is this: Sometimes you need to run races for other people.  I ran for Megan and I ran for my girls.  I wasn't in Boston last weekend but I ran with happy legs and a happy heart.  And in the end, shouldn't that be why we all run?



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Brian ran his first Martian race and finished 4th in his age group.  He got a PR and his first racing award!

Did you run a Martian Race this year?  Tell me about it!


  1. I couldn't agree with more, Amanda! Sorry to hear about your hamstring injury. I hope your full recovery is just around the corner.