Friday, June 12, 2015

Reasons to Love Summer Running

For the Summer Soulstice race giveaway, I asked you to tell me what your favorite thing is about summer running.  Here is what some readers had to say:

  • I love night running, so summer makes perfect weather for that. The sunset doesn't hurt, either. (T.C. Glotfelty)
  • Less clothes and the runners tan. (It's me!)
  • Less guesswork as to what you should wear to's almost always: shoes, socks, shorts, and shirt! (RunDBrown)
  • Seeing all my neighbors (who were hibernating) while out running! It's so fun to catch up! (Jennifer Perkins)
  • Green grass, flowers, running through the occasional sprinkler and wearing less clothes. (Orangemoon23)
  • It feels new--new races, new friends, new routes, new shoes. I look forward to exploring through running! (JulieB)

Why do I love summer running?  My list includes:

  • Catching a cool breeze while running on the Detroit Riverwalk
  • Finding shade, solace, and maybe a deer or two on the Rouge River Gateway Trail in Dearborn
  • Running exclusively in tank tops and Lululemon shorts
  • Seeing more runners out and about to wave to, smile at, or say hi to (and see how many respond - it's a sociological experiment)

Rouge River Gateway Trail (photo courtesy of Brian Wolski)

I have to say, however, that my friend Megan summed it up best in her Facebook post.  (She is a teacher also.)  I couldn't have said it better myself so I will copy her words and share them with you.

It's summer, and you know what that means...we can run WHENEVER we want, WHEREVER we want!!! (Megan)

Happy summer, happy running.  Enjoy every moment.


  1. something special about that first vacation run!

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