Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Corktown Dining: Bobcat Bonnie's

So many new restaurants have opened up in Detroit that it's hard to keep track of them all.  Brian and I have a short list that we want to try - eventually.  When I found out about Bobcat Bonnie's, however, I knew I had to go there ASAP.  What's so special about Bobcat Bonnie's?  It's a new gastropub in Corktown with 8 vegan and 6 vegetarian items on the menu.  Wahoo!  The article I read says that for every meaty menu item there will be a veg equivalent but the current menu doesn't show that.  Next time I'm in I will have to ask.  I was just so excited to see as many veg options as there were that I didn't even think about that!

It's located on Michigan Avenue, a block from the site of old Tiger Stadium.  It used to be Oblivion's Cafe.  I had never been to Oblivion's but from what I read, it sounds like the owners did a lot of work to get Bobcat Bonnie's updated and ready.  There is a lot of exposed brick, which is in really nice shape.  They painted the rest of the walls with black, grey, and pops of yellow.  There are tables for four, benches, and a few high long communal tables with stools.  The big windows let in a lot of light so it's nice and bright.  In the back are some longer tables and a few arcade games.  There's also a good sized bar area.

Brian and I went on Monday night, the first day it opened.  We sat at one of the long tables by the windows, looking out at Michigan Avenue.  I didn't take us long to decide what to order.  We went with the Mushroom Ceviche for an appetizer.  I've never had anything like it.  It was amazing!  I almost can't even describe the flavor combination.  It was lemony and bright.  The mushrooms and radishes were so fresh.  And the house made tortilla chips were some of the best I've ever had.  I highly recommend it.

Mushroom Ceviche

I'm a huge chickpea lover so I couldn't say no to the Chickpea Salad Sandwich.  It's mashed chickpeas with mustard, cumin, coriander, and dill served on a ciabatta roll.  Delicious.  For $3 you can add either soup or salad.  Brian and I each added the kale salad.  Oh man you have to try the kale salad!  It's a good size salad for $3!  (It's also on the menu for $8.50 as an entree size, which I might have to order sometime.  It's seriously SO good!)  

Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Kale Salad

Then there were the fries.  YUM.  The menu didn't have a V or VN next to them (very unlike me to order because of cross-contamination in deep-fryers) but I figured I would go out on a limb.  Next time I'll ask to be sure.  (Maaaybe - wink wink.)  They were flavorful and not greasy.  In fact, that's how everything was - a lot of flavor without too much oil, sauce, or dressing.  Brian had a burger and his plate was clean afterwards (no grease left behind).  

While we were eating we talked to both partners.  They were making the rounds, checking in on the diners to make sure everyone was happy and enjoying their meals.  Both of them told us that some of the vegetarian items can be made vegan (such changing veggie burger toppings or leaving the creme fraiche off the soup).  What's great is that they know what vegan means and they can educate their staff about how to give their diners a great meal.  

I'm really excited to have Bobcat Bonnie's in the neighborhood and look forward to making it one of our regular places! 

Bobcat Bonnie's
1800 Michigan Avenue
Detroit, MI 48216

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