Saturday, October 8, 2011

There's a constant ringing in my ears...

That's from standing too close to the stage and forgetting my ear plugs.  The ear plugs that were in my pockets.  Not a very smart move.  Actually, by now that ringing is gone but it did last a full 24 hours.  (For you Raconteurs fans you'll recognize the song lyric.)

Main stage lineup

On September 17, Brian and I attended the 1st annual MI Fest at the Michigan International Speedway.  MI Fest was meant to be a showcase of Michigan acts or those with ties to Michigan.  Jack White's presence was felt throughout the festival, with his band The Raconteurs headlining the show and several of the bands from his Third Man Records label playing on the second stage.  

Third Man Records rolling record store

Black Belles

Black Milk
Jack was also spotted in his signature black hat and jacket, taking in sets by other festival performers with fellow Raconteurs Brendan Benson and Little Jack Lawrence.  I must note that Brendan was looking rather Bowie-esque in his white pants, blouse, suspenders, and white oxfords with chardonnay in 4 p.m. on the lawn.  Swoon!  I SO wanted to get a picture but it seemed too awkward a moment to ask and there weren't enough people around for me to take one without him noticing.

Jack White

Okay, so let me back up to where I said MI Fest was "meant" to be a showcase of Michigan acts.  The sad thing is that, just days before the event, promoters cancelled 8 acts - the entire local stage - due to low ticket sales.  Kind of unbelievable, right?  Fortunately, Brian and I were really going to see The Raconteurs and Sheryl Crow (neither of whom had canceled) so we weren't too disappointed, but it was too bad that for a Michigan-themed show, there were many fewer Michigan bands than originally planned.  But I'm not going to focus on that here on my vegan blog.

What am I going to focus on, you're probably wondering?  Is it going to be the free VIP food we got throughout the day - chicken fingers, fried mac and cheese squares, egg rolls, and nachos?  Nah.  Maybe Kid Rock's stellar Bad Ass beer served throughout the festival?  No.  That, uh, speaks for itself.  Let me say a quick thank-you to festival organizers for allowing me to bring in carrots sticks, fruit, and Luna Bars!

There was a little area called The Greenhouse that was a farmer's market of sorts that had some fruits and vegetables and lots of fresh-baked goods - cookies, muffins, pies, etc.  Nothing vegan, of course.  Other than that there was Bob Evans, a pulled pork truck, and your run of the mill "Refreshments" stand serving fried festival food.  And then we spotted the El Guapo taco truck, all the way from Detroit.  It beckoned to us from atop the hill and we were immediately drawn to the shiny truck.

How can you not love this logo?

I was excited to see vegetarian tacos and burritos on the menu but I had to ask if the veggies and meat are cooked on the same grill.  The man working the window was impressed with my dedication to veganism but had to tell me that yes, everything is cooked together (due to lack of space they only have one grill).  BUT he quickly offered to simply steam the veggies and skip the grilling step.  He said the rice and beans are meat-free so without the queso - viola! - vegan burrito!  It was so fresh and delicious and way more satisfying than the Larabar I had planned to have for dinner.

Vegetariano Burrito Grande (minus queso and onions) with salsa verde - $5.50

El Guapo Grill made a special trip from Detroit to be at MI Fest.  It's definitely worth YOU making a special trip to Detroit to visit El Guapo.  YUM!

Here are a couple of pictures from the headliners - Sheryl Crow and The Raconteurs. 

Sheryl Crow

The Raconteurs

Jack White

All photo credits go to Brian and you can check out his Flickr Photostream for more pictures and videos.

Did you attend MI Fest?  Have you eaten at El Guapo?

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