Saturday, May 12, 2012

Seva Detroit

Last night Brian and I took our good friends Aaron and Terry to Seva.  Not only was it their first trip to Seva but it was their first time dining at an exclusively-vegetarian restaurant.  Aaron used to be quite the carnivore until he attended a life-changing Morrissey concert back in December.  Morrissey showed the audience "Meet Your Meat" - a video that graphically depicts the inhumane treatment of animals raised for slaughter.  After seeing that video - specifically the herding of the cattle and the dirty conditions of the poultry - Aaron decided that he could no longer eat meat.

It's been 5 months and Aaron is doing an amazing job sticking to his vegetarian diet.  I am so proud of him!  Although not vegetarian herself, Terry has been a big supporter of his dietary changes and has been helping him experiment with new protein sources.  (Just don't try to get him to eat quinoa!)

Okay, back to Seva.  We sat in the main dining area, which I love because of the huge wall of windows.  As luck would have it (or was it fate?), who should stroll over to our table to take care of us for the evening?  It was Dan - the best Seva server ever!  (See previous Seva post.)  It was quite a thrill.  For him and for us.

As we went through the process of ordering, he was very helpful with answering questions and making suggestions about menu items (of course - he's the best).  For an appetizer, we ended up going with the roasted red pepper hummus, which comes with crackers and raw veggies.  It was very flavorful and quite delicious.  I didn't have very much of it because I also ordered soup, which came out just after the hummus, so I got started right away on that.  It was amazing!  I had a bowl since it was only $1 more than a cup.  Brian had a cup of the African Peanut Soup.  I didn't try it but he said it was good.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus - $7
Greek Lentil Soup - Cup $4/Bowl $5
African Peanut Soup - Cup $4/Bowl $5

For our entrees, Brian had one of the specials - the Mushroom Sliders with yam fries.  They can be ordered vegan; however, his were smothered in regular cheese so I did not take a picture.  Aaron had the Eggs Veracruz.  Terry had the Cilantro Peanut Stir-Fry (vegan), which she really liked.  I had the Spinach Salad (minus red onion).  Dan recommended trying it with a tofu dill dressing but I went with the smoky maple that comes with it and I liked it.  I thought it went well with the tempeh, avocado, and red peppers.  It was an all-around awesome salad - a perfect combination of ingredients!

Cilantro Peanut Stir-Fry - $12
Spinach Salad - $11

So, once again, Seva did not disappoint.  With fantastic food and a phenomenal server, how could it?  Next time, however, we have to get dessert.  I'm not sure Dan will let us out of there without it...

Oh, and of course I must mention the company again.  Brian and I had a fabulous time showing Aaron and Terry the vegetarian and vegan ropes at Seva.  

So glad you met your meat, Aaron!  

BTW, when John Salley was in town he mentioned dining at Seva and loving it.  Uh, did I tell you I met John Salley?

Seva is located at 66 E. Forest in Detroit


  1. Thanks Amanda. I really did enjoy the meal. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it so much. Love the ambiance or the restaurant and the whole area. I am going to bring my friend down there soon. We're always trying to find healthy food and a place to sit out in the summer. Thanks again to you and Brian for the great night.

    1. I'm so happy you liked it, Terry! It's such a fantastic place and we were happy to share it with you and Aaron. Let me know how your friend likes it!

  2. Amanda, an amazing article, an amazing restaurant and amazing company last night. (I should have tried the yam fries though.} Thanks to you and Brian for a wonderful, fun evening. How can someone NOT become vegetarian after going to Seva!

    It must have been thrilling to meet John Salley!

    1. Oh, the yam fries! You'll definitely have to go back then! I wonder what John Salley ate when he was there? We should have asked Dan if he knows.

  3. I could use some of that roasted red pepper hummus right about now. WHAT. How did I not know that Aaron gave up meat? Impressive.

    Amanda, what's in your salad that looks like meat?

    1. That's tempeh, Brian. You can read a bit more about it here:

      As for Aaron, I know, RIGHT?!?

      I fixed the Morrissey link. Hopefully it works now. And thanks for noticing my typo, too! :)

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