Sunday, May 27, 2012

Upcoming Events

June 15th - Tough Mudder 
I think I'll be taking it easy in July.  Well, maybe . . .  Winking smile

What races/events do you have on your calendar?


  1. This is the question I've been asking myself ever since the Grosse Ile half. I'm considering the following:

    Dexter to Ann Arbor - June 3
    The Cipriano Classic 5k - June 8
    Heart of Detroit - June 24
    Portofino Run for Art - July 14
    Detroit Free Press Half - October 21

    Not sure which ones I'll do for sure, may do them all!

    1. Let me know which ones you end up doing! Have you done that Portofino Run for Art before? I'm also signed up for the Free Press Half.

  2. I've never done the portofino one but it's only a mile away from my house so....

  3. Why not? If something changes I'll let you know.