Sunday, May 6, 2012

Woodbridge Pub - Spring Menu 2012

Spring has sprung at Woodbridge Pub!  The new menu has been out for a few weeks but Brian and I have been so busy that we didn't make it over there until this weekend.

I'm quite pleased with the variety of vegan offerings this time around and wanted to try everything!  (Then I remembered how often we go there and knew we'd be back soon, so I restrained myself.)

The following menu items are vegan:

Appetizers: Salsa Verde, Hummus w/ Tapenade
Soup: Carrot Ginger
Salad: Moroccan Carrot
Sandwiches: Stever McFever, White Bean Burger (both menu mainstays)
Entree: Seitan w/ Rice Pilaf
Sides: Grilled Asparagus, Spring Vegetable Saute, Rice Pilaf, Roasted Red Skin Potatoes

There are also a few other vegetarian items, as well.  Well done, Woodbridge.  Well done.

After much deliberation, I decided on the seitan entree.  It came with three house-made pieces of seitan atop a large bed of rice pilaf.  The pilaf is brown basmati rice with almonds, golden raisins, and peas.  Swirled around it all was a grape and fennel sweet and sour sauce.  Overall, it was a delicious and flavorful dish.  The seitan had a nice meaty texture and the combination of ingredients in the pilaf was just right.  I also really liked the flavor of the sweet and sour sauce.  As much as I liked the pilaf, however, it seemed to be a disproportionate amount for the dish.  I would suggest serving it with about half as much rice and subbing in some grilled asparagus, instead. 

Seitan w/ Rice Pilaf - $13.00

I only had the entree but Brian ordered a cup of Carrot Ginger soup (to go with his non-vegan shepherd's pie) and he let me take the first taste.  Both of us thought it was good.  It had a strong carrot flavor but the ginger was less pronounced.  I'll order it for myself next time so I can give it a more thorough review.

Carrot Ginger Soup - $3.50 (cup), $4.50 (bowl)

Woodbridge Pub is located at 5169 Trumbull in Detroit

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