Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Recipes on the Bell Plantation Website!

I submitted two of my PB2 recipes to the Bell Plantation website and they are both up!  Do they put every recipe up that is submitted?  Maybe.  But am I still excited about it?  Of course!  It looks like they've recently redone their recipe section because at first there were some typos and I was embarrassed to admit that they were mine.  Looks as though they've since remedied the situation.  

Since they've gone up on the website I've gotten a lot more traffic on my blog so thanks Bell Plantation!
There are also a lot of other great recipes on the site.  (Not all are vegan, though, but many can be modified.)  Check them out!


  1. How cool! Congratulations! Now when will your book be out? :)

    1. ha ha, thanks! Um, I need to build up my collection a bit more before the book will be ready! :)