Sunday, February 9, 2014

Boston Marathon Countdown: 10 Weeks

Snow, ice, cold, wind.  MORE snow.  Arctic Vortex #3.  

Calluses, blood blisters, regular blisters, frostbite blisters. Shredded quads from running in the snow. Torn up ankles from the road salt.  Frozen eyelashes.

4 a.m. daily wake-up calls to be out the door to run with the snowplows.  

THIS is the road to Boston!?!  

Here's a look at my mileage for the past two weeks:

I was rock solid this week, hitting the peak mileage for the first time ever.  I will admit that I took things a little slower this week.  I was tired after last Saturday's intense 16-miler that included 10 miles of heavy snow, followed by 10 flights up the new Z Lot in Detroit.  I was spent both Sunday and Monday.  My pace was embarrassingly slow.  In fact, by Thursday I woke up for my 10-miler and just couldn't do it.  I could not stand to run even one mile.  I was exhausted, both mentally and physically.  I knew I needed a break. So I went back to bed. 

That evening I had cycle and did manage to get in a quick 3 miles on the treadmill first, which actually felt really good.  I ended up with a snow day on Friday due to extreme wind chill.  Since I'd run less on Thursday and gotten more sleep I was able to get in my 10-miler on the treadmill that day.  Speed intervals helped pass the time.

Today I wanted to do 16 miles.  I had a 4 mile race so I did 12 miles at home before. I didn't run any of my miles at marathon pace as the plan called for but I did the best I could in the snow.  (Race report to follow.)

The next couple of weeks have a bump up in mileage.  Thankfully I have winter break coming soon so that should mean more sleep!

Happy Running!

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  1. You realize your "embarrassingly slow" would be like speedwork for some of us, right? But that's why you're training for Boston & I can only live vicariously through you. You are a rock star - you've had a brutal winter to train through!

    1. Thanks, Kaci! You're always so sweet - Miss MARATHON MANIAC!!! So proud of YOU, girl!! :-)