Saturday, July 19, 2014

Injury Update - On the Run Again!

When my PT told me I couldn't run for 2 weeks, it sounded like forever.  What was I going to do without running for 2 whole weeks?!?  I managed to keep myself active with cardio, strength, and stretching.  This was my routine for my running break:

Stationary Bike*: 45 minutes (13 miles)/daily
Treadmill Walking (backwards): 10 minutes/2x weekly
Treadmill Walking (side-to-side): 2 minutes per side/2x weekly
Yoga: 1 hour/4x weekly
Strength/Core: 30 minutes/3x weekly
Stretching: Daily

*Some outdoor biking in addition to indoor (better aerobic workout indoors and less chance of falling off my bike so I tended toward the stationary bike!)

It was fine, especially once I got into my routine.  I would hit the gym at 5:30am and get it out of the way before I could talk myself out of it.  But it wasn't running.  Sure, I was sweating and getting a good aerobic workout but wasn't enjoying the same benefits that running offers me.

2 weeks was beginning to feel like 2 months.

I was still going for physical therapy.  A little over halfway through my running hiatus I had my re-evaluation.  When I initially started PT it was for Piriformis Syndrome and tight hamstrings.  I had made improvements with those but was still having a pain deep in my butt where my leg attaches.  Because I was still having pain, was still on my running break, and hadn't returned to my regular running activities (I'm a 40-mile/week runner when I'm not training), I was pretty sure that my PT would be extended (I had only had 8 sessions).  

I was wrong.  I was better but not healed and apparently that's good enough for ending PT.  I was told there was nothing more they could do with me.  Maybe I needed more rest.  Maybe continued strength/stretching would help.  Maybe it was actually tendonitis. Maybe I would never get better.  (That last one was the worst!)  So many maybes!  

Then the PT who evaluated me went on to say that I should try running, maybe a mile.  If it hurts, stop.  And if I can't run without pain then I should probably think about finding something other than running.  Like for good.  I wanted to cry.  Although I knew this wasn't true - nothing in my running form analysis indicated that I was a terminal case - nobody needs to hear this!

First I was upset.  Then I was just angry.  There are people with far worse injuries than a pain in the butt who don't have to give up running for life!  

That was Monday.  I biked for the rest of the week.  On Thursday I consulted with a PT from the DMC who suggested I use the elliptical to transition to running.  I went to my favorite cycle class on Thursday night, where we do a lot of standing (I liken that to the elliptical).  Then I used the elliptical Friday morning.

I went back to my doctor Friday to follow up from PT.  The plan we came up with was to get back into running.  Maybe alternate running with elliptical if necessary.  I'll take Naproxen 2x/day for 2 weeks, regardless of pain to fight inflammation.  After 10 days I can reassess how I feel.  If I want more PT, I can just call the office and ask for a prescription.  If it's just a matter of continuing the stretches and strength exercises, I can do those on my own.  Yoga is a big help, too.  So we shall see how things progress.  (And if I do have more PT it will be with the DMC, not with someone who left me high and dry!)

And today?  I ran!!  And it felt amazing!  

Photo credit: Brian Wolski
I did the 3 mile group run at RUNdetroit, which was awesome because there were people at just the right pace for my first run back.  (Man, I've missed my Saturday group runs!)  I could feel my butt just a little bit but not bad at all.  It's been a few hours since and so far so good!

What's next?  Time to start training for the Detroit Free Press Marathon.  Only 13 weeks away!  Let the countdown posts begin!  


  1. It is hard to really completely recover from an overuse type injury. Take it slow (at least for you) and try to vary the activities. Glad you're back!

    1. Thanks. Yes, I will take it slow. I know I'm not out of the woods yet and will have to alternate running with biking/elliptical. Still need to think about this whole marathon thing...

  2. Hahaha - Amanda, I love how happy you look in this photo. Glad you are back to what you love.

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