Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Soaps of Summer

Summer is here and it means a lot of things - hot runs, suntans, fresh tomatoes, grilled tofu, and dinners on the patio.  For me it also means one other important thing - new soap!  That's right, Cellar Door Soap and Skin released their new line of summer soaps a few weeks ago.  Good timing, too, because my stash had dwindled down to just one bar!  Eek!

This new line of soap is so amazing that you'll probably have a hard time deciding which one to buy.  You might just want to buy them all.  That's what I did!  All 10.  And then I got 1 free because I filled up my punch card.  Oh happy day!

This first group here is bright and citrusy.  You can't go wrong with Yuzo (grapefruit and mandarin) and Lemon Verbena but Bon Temps Rouler has quickly become my new favorite of the collection.  The blend of citrus, pineapple, and blackberry is a vibrant, refreshing summer scent.

Next up are the fruity/flowery scents.  Melon Spritzer is a delicious blend of cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew.  For Cucumber & Coriander, the name says it all.  It's a unique blend that smells like fresh cucumbers with a hint of coriander.  You won't find this scent anywhere else.  Lastly we have Summer Fling - a slightly floral scent but not overwhelmingly so.  The label says magnolia and lily but I'm not good enough with flowers to discern particular scents.  I think it's just nice and fresh.

With the exception of Colada Sunset (which smells like a delicious pina colada - another favorite of mine!), these last soaps are a bit earthier.  Carcosa Woods is woodsy and mossy - in a good way.  Like taking an early morning nature walk.  If you love the smell of fresh cut grass, then you'll love Grass Stain because that's exactly what it smells like.  Fresh cut grass without having to actually cut the grass?  Sign me up!  Lastly we have one of my new favorites - Black Mamba.  I can't really describe this one.  It'd consider this one of the more "manly" soaps but I've also been using and love it.  In fact, I came home with two bars of this!

There you have it - the new Summer Collection from Cellar Door Soap and Skin.  All vegan.  All awesome.  You can find them online, on Facebook, at select specialty shops, or at local Michigan farmers markets this summer!

What scents make you think of summer?

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