Monday, August 1, 2011

Kiwi Basil Smoothie

This Kiwi Basil Smoothie recipe was posted on the blog Happy.Healthy.Life back in June.  While it sounded sort of weird to me, it was also quite intriguing and I couldn't stop thinking about it.  Between our CSA share and the plants in our yard, we've had more basil than we know what to do with so finally last week I bought a grapefruit and got some kiwis in the freezer.  

I made this for breakfast on Saturday after a really hot and humid outdoor boot camp.  It was amazingly delicious and completely refreshing!  Brian had a sip (that's all I would share!) and thought it was tasty, too.  I tweaked the recipe just a bit:
  • grape fruit  - After juicing, I added both the juice and pulp, which gave it a more pronounced grape fruit flavor as well as additional fiber.  I have a VitaMix, though, so I realized next time I can just peel it and throw it in whole!
  • agave - I added an extra tbsp.  It was a little too sour to me, probably because I used the grapefruit pulp in addition to the juice.
  • banana - At the end I couldn't help myself and added 1 frozen banana in addition to the fresh one.  It made it just a little creamier.

You can find the recipe (along with beautiful photos) here 

What creative basil recipes have you made?


  1. I am going to make one later that includes (but is not limited to) blueberries, banana and basil. The 3-B Smoothie.... Will report on the outcome.

  2. the 3-B Smoothie was very refreshing and despite using deep blue and green, the resulting color was not unappealing.

    -1 1/4 cup vanilla soy beverage
    -1 cup frozen blueberries
    -handful of basil
    -1/2 or 1 (depending on size) frozen banana
    -Sweetener of choice (I used two packets of Truvia)

  3. Sounds good! I'll have to get some blueberries in the freezer and try it.