Monday, July 29, 2013

Detroit Marathon Countdown: 12 Weeks

12 weeks.  3 months.  We're getting closer.  I've sort of been sticking to the plan.  In my own way.  In my first countdown post I wrote about how I planned to change things up a lot - double up on cross-training and runs and eliminate the rest day.  Well, it wasn't long before my body told me otherwise!  (Imagine that, right?)

Instead of trying to keep my regularly-scheduled cycle and boot camp program (2x/week each), plus adhere to the training plan, I've made a few modifications.  Here's what my weeks looks like at this point in my training:

Monday: Cross training - Yoga (60 min), Cycle (55 min), Weight Machines (20 min)
Tuesday: Run (6 mile social run)
Wednesday: Run (minus 1-2 miles from plan), Boot Camp (75 min)
Thursday: Run (6 mile social run), Cycle (55 min)
Friday: Yoga (60 min)
Saturday: Run (group run at RUNdetroit or a race - plan mileage may be adjusted)
Sunday: Long run

I'm using the plan as a framework and so far it's working out really well for me.  I ran 14 miles on Sunday.  It should have only been 9 but I was feeling good so I skipped ahead to next Sunday's long run.  (I told you I cannot stick to a plan!)  Anyway, it was my longest distance and the only time I've run anywhere close to that was in a race.  In fact, I've never run more than 10 outside of a race and never more than 7 by myself.  So this was HUGE.  It was quite the mental test.  My average pace was 7:34.  Not race pace but for an easy training run I was quite pleased.  I know I'm only partway to 26.2 but I'm getting there.  

Next up - nutrition on the long run.  GU?  Shot Bloks?  Liquified banana in a flask?  (haha)

What is your on-the-go nutrition for long runs?

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  1. My favorite nutrition is not vegan, so I won't recommend that. Buy a variety & try it out. A lot of people can't stomach GU. I like the sport beans better than the chews. My speediest marathon friend says she uses only swedish fish on long runs!

    Sounds like you're doing great! And I like being "ahead of plan" because then if something does come up one week, you don't get behind! :)


    1. Swedish Fish, really? Those are vegan!! :) Maybe I'll try them. I've heard the same from a lot of people about GU and I have a sensitive stomach. That's why I've been hesitant to try it, even on a training run. Those bathrooms on Hines aren't always unlocked!