Thursday, July 11, 2013

Detroit Marathon Countdown: 15 Weeks

I'm a few weeks into my plan and I'm finding the hardest part of following a training plan is following a training plan.  As I've said many times before, I've never trained for a race.  I just run.  (Not that I was running when I did my first half but that's beside the point.)

So when I say I'm not following my plan, it's not as if I'm not running almost every day.  It's just that I'm not following the mileage as it's laid out.  Take this week, for example.  I  swapped my Saturday and Sunday mileage because I did a 6-mile group run at RUNdetroit on Saturday.  My 5-mile Sunday run didn't happen because of some (ahem) unforeseen circumstances Saturday night involving red wine.  Rest day.

Because I rested on Sunday I needed to get my 5 miles in on Monday, which is generally a cross-training day.  I did both.  Can't miss my cycle!  Tuesday I was supposed to do 3 but now that my running buddy Julie is recovered from a hamstring injury, we're back to doing our 6-mile run.  Wednesday was supposed to be 6 but because I would also be running in Boot Camp, I only did 4.  Today was supposed to be 3 but again I ran 6 with Julie. 

So in general, it isn't that I'm running less than I'm supposed to be running.  I'm actually running more.  But not so much that I'm overdoing it.  I think it's okay during the week if I'm not super disciplined about the exact number of miles but on the weekend I have to be sure I get in the long runs.  This weekend I have 11, which will be my longest training run.  Ever.  Since, ya know, I've never trained before.  Anyone know a good 1/2 marathon I can just sign up for on Sunday instead?

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