Sunday, November 14, 2010

November Smoothie

Nothing says Fall like an ice-cold tropical smoothie, right?  I know, I know.  There are so many thing wrong with that statement.  An icy drink on a blustery November day and tropical fruits that don't grow in Michigan during any season, to name a few.  But I've grown desperate!  The past two weeks have left me feeling weighed down, bloated, and in serious need of some detoxification.  I've decided that although I love my oatmeal (my next post will be entitled "Ode to My Morning Oats"), having it every day for 3 months straight might not be in my body's best interest.  

Tropical Spinach Smoothie - So creamy I have to eat it with a spoon!

So today I had my favorite smoothie for breakfast before heading to the gym for a short elliptical workout and to try out a kettle bell class for the first time.  It was a really good strength workout and I'm pretty sure I'll be sore from it in the morning.  I thought that kettle bells were a new fitness fad but was surprised to find out that they've been around for hundreds of years.  

A healthy smoothie, lots of water, and a good workout has left me feeling alright.  I'm confident this week will be a better one (fingers crossed).  I loved my breakfast today but tomorrow I'll be back to my oatmeal.  And wouldn't you know - just a one day break and I'm looking forward to it already!

Tropical Spinach Smoothie
(printable recipe)


1 6-oz. bag baby spinach
1 frozen mango, (peeled and cut into chunks before freezing)
Fresh or frozen pineapple chunks (about a handful)
1 frozen banana, cut into chunks before freezing
1 scoop VEGA Wholefood Health Optimizer or other protein powder (optional) 
Water to reach desired consistency (I don't add any water because I like it thick and extra creamy)


1. Rinse the spinach well and place in blender.  Don't worry about drying the leaves.  The water that clings to them will add a little more necessary liquid.

2. Add mango, pineapple, and VEGA (if using).  Blend all ingredients together.  If you are using a VitaMix or other high-powered blender, use the tamper to press everything down as you blend on high.  If you aren't using a VitaMix, you may have to stop and start as you press the ingredients down and stir.  You may want to add water to help get things moving more freely.  

3. Once everything is mixed well, add the banana and blend on high.  Do not over-blend unless you want it more liquidy.  You might need to eat this with a spoon - I do!

Makes 1-2 servings.

*NOTE: I burned out my top-of-the-line Kitchen Aid blender in 6 months just from making these.  That's why I got the VitaMix.  With a lower-powered blender, you might want to let the fruit thaw a bit before using and add enough water to help the blade do it's job. 

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