Thursday, June 23, 2011

9 Happy Years

Yesterday Brian and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary.  Wow - where has the time gone?  A lot has happened since we got married and having Brian to share all of life's ups and downs with has made it a really great 9 years.  

Since we're going on vacation in less than two weeks, we kept the occasion simple.  Brian didn't object to me going to my boot camp class (at dinner time on our anniversary - that's love!) so instead of a fancy dinner out, he picked up sushi rolls from O Sushi.  I always get the same order - an asparagus roll, a vegetable roll, low-sodium soy sauce, and extra wasabi. 

I may not have made dinner but I did bake the Vanilla-Yogurt Pound Cake from Veganomican for dessert. This recipe is actually the sole reason I bought the cookbook about 4 years ago but I never made it until yesterday.  I figured it was time!  The recipe uses silken tofu and vanilla soy yogurt, which both work to give it the dense and moist texture that makes for a perfect pound cake.  It also uses lemon and orange extracts to give it a hint of citrus.  Although it is sweet and delicious by itself, fresh strawberries made it even more delectable.  I'm sorry I can't post the recipe without permission, so you'll have to be satisfied with a picture (and if you don't already own Veganomican you ought to add it to your collection). 

Fresh strawberries in my new berry bowl - thanks to my Mom for both!