Friday, June 24, 2011

Farmer's Market Fridays - 6/24/11

It was a rather dreary day at the Farmer's Market.  The sky was overcast and gray this morning and just as my mom and I left the yoga studio, a light mist began to fall.  The mist soon turned into a drizzle and then into full-fledged rain.  We didn't stay long at the market and I was feeling too cold and damp to even take out my phone to snap a few pictures.  We made our usual stops - Avalon for a date bar, Living Stones for our CSA shares, and Farmer Glen for asparagus and parsnips.  My mom also went to another booth for some potatoes but I didn't catch the name of the farm.  That was it.  We put our goods into her car and hurried into the warmth of the Panera Cares Cafe for a hot cup of coffee, where I enjoyed my date bar.

Fridays are always better when the sun is shining but with yoga, the market, a date bar, and time spent with my mom, who can complain?

Here's what came in our Living Stones CSA share this week:

Radishes and kohlrabi

Colorful chard

Kale and salad mix

Sunflower shoots

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