Friday, June 15, 2012

Countdown to Tough Mudder - 1 Day

1 day to Tough Mudder 

You'd think I'd be freaking out and yet I feel oddly at ease.  Maybe it's the last-minute details that are keeping my mind busy - the "necessary" Target run, travel arrangements, packing, making sure I'm drinking water every chance I get.  There will be plenty of time to freak out once I get on the course tomorrow at 10:40 a.m.  I might as well relax today.  It is my first day of summer vacation, after all.

1 day to Tough Mudder.  

The only thing I did to prepare today was go to yoga.  I haven't gone since December and my muscles are so tight from all my running and training.  I really don't properly stretch and have been having trouble with my hips and sciatic nerve.  Although yoga was challenging today, it felt great to stretch and loosen up.  Hopefully it will help me out tomorrow.  

1 day to Tough Mudder.

I should probably take a nap now.  After I drink another liter of water.  I'll post a Facebook update to let you know if I'm alive after tomorrow but won't get to a full blog post until Monday.  And if I don't come out alive you won't get a post at all.  

Wish us luck!  I think we're gonna need it . . .

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