Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Green Dot Stables - Detroit, MI

A few weeks ago Brian and I went to Green Dot Stables, a horse and jockey-themed bar and restaurant in Corktown.  It has apparently been there for a long time but recently reopened under new management and with a different menu that features mainly gourmet sliders, along with a few sides, salads, and soups.  Each item on the menu is either $2 or $3.  That even includes drinks!  How can you go wrong?


Two notable features of the outside are the horse statue on the roof and the big parking lot.  The parking lot alone is almost reason enough to go there!  (ha ha!)  The inside is pretty cool - lots of wood paneling and brick, a big bar, and all sorts of horse-racing memorabilia.  I'm not into all that but it's got a neat vibe to it. (What should a vegan's stand on horse-racing be?  I'm not sure.  But I must admit, it was kind of fun when a bunch of people were betting on a horse race while we were there!)

Anyway, we sat at a little table near the bar and when our server came over I said, "I'm SO excited to be here!"  He was like, "Oh, okay then.  Well, I'm excited you're here too."  (He wasn't.)  Why was I so excited to be there?  Because they have a [VG] on their menu to indicate which items are vegan!  Wahoo!

There are two vegan sliders - the Black Bean and the PB&J.  Since they are relatively small, I ordered two black bean sliders.  (I can make a PB&J at home any day of the week.)  Were they the best black bean burgers I've ever had?  No, that title belongs to Woodbridge Pub.  But they were tasty, nonetheless, and came with fresh tomato and mixed greens.  No sauce, though, so I added ketchup and mustard.  The one disappointment was the bun.  I guess that's a slider for you but I would have preferred something more than just a plain white bun.

Black Bean Slider - $3

One of the most impressive menu items is their Kale Salad, which is kale, quinoa, lemon juice, and shallots.  Kale and quinoa at a slider joint?  Nice work, Green Dot!  It was really delicious, too.

Kale Salad - $3

Of their 7 different flavors of fries (you read that right - SEVEN), 5 of them are vegan.  As I mentioned in my last post, I rarely eat fries, but I was quite hungry and the Malt Vinegar fries sounded so tasty that I caved and ordered them.  Plus they have the little [VG] by them on the menu so I felt a lot better about ordering them here than at most places.  Brian ordered the Truffle & Herb flavor, which are also vegan.  Mine were good but by the end they were just a bit too salty.  His, on the other hand, were awesome down to the last fry.  I may have to rethink my fry philosophy if we start dining at Green Dot more often . . .

Truffle & Herb Fries (background) - $3, Malt Vinegar Fries (foreground) - $2

If you haven't been to Green Dot Stables, definitely check it out.  Most of the sliders are meat so the vegan options are limited but hey, there are actual vegan options on the menu.  And around these parts, we have to take what we can get! 

Green Dot Stables is located at 2200 West Lafayette, Detroit, 48216


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