Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Countdown to Tough Mudder - 11 Days


Last night's training session was not our usual craziness of flipping tires or scaling tall fences.  I don't have any new bruises and for once we were setting a good example for children at the playground.  How could this possibly be Tough Mudder training, you ask?  Doesn't sound tough enough for you? 

We did the Tough Mudder Boot Camp Training workout and it was definitely challenging.  (Although not unlike what we do in our boot camp class 1-2x a week so most moves weren't new to us.)  The workout is 50 minutes long, consisting of 5 circuits (9 minutes each plus 1 minute of rest in between).  Each activity lasts for either 1 or 2 minutes, which may not sound like a long time but 2 minutes of burpees is a really long time.  Trust me.  

The workout is pretty heavy on lower body exercises and man, is my butt sore today!  Especially from something called "Spider Web Climbers."  This was a new move for me.  They're sort of like vertical mountain climbers so you're driving your knees up out and your arms are reaching up like your trying to climb a web.  Go as quickly as you can, alternating arms and legs, for 2 minutes. I dare you.

The workout requires some equipment:
  • Timer - This is essential to keep yourself on track!  I used the timer on my iPhone.
  • Weights or a weighted ball, which some of us took.  Those of us who didn't modified with what was around - some made better choices than others.  A bike works great for squat presses; a twig isn't going to help you build much strength.
  • A bench - You'll need this for tricep dips and squat jumps; a picnic table works great.
  • Monkey bars
  • Towel - This is for towel pull-ups but we just did more regular pull-ups.
  • A track or sidewalk

When we were done we did some extra work on the monkey bars and that was it.  We were all pretty tired.  11 days, baby.  11 days . . .

Download the Tough Mudder Boot Camp Training PDF for yourself and give those "Spider Web Climbers" a try.  I dare you.

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