Saturday, June 2, 2012

Countdown to Tough Mudder - 14 Days

OMG - 14 Days!  In other words, TWO WEEKS!  Two weeks from the moment I type this I'll be crawling through a muddy tube, jumping over muddy logs, sloshing through a muddy swamp, or falling into a muddy pit.  TWO WEEKS.  Yikes.

Thursday night we had another training session.  We met at the local high school so we could take advantage of some tractor tires.  We did a lot with those tires - rolled them, flipped them over and over across the soccer field, leaped up on them, jumped in and out of them, and used them for tricep dips.  My chest and shoulders are so sore from flipping those tires!  It's quite an intense workout!  Then, just for fun, we turned the biggest tire on it's side and took turns rolling it while someone ran on top - just like in the circus!  Granted, that was not helpful for training purposes but it was a hell of a lot of fun!  

We also found a blocking sled out on the field - you know that metal thing that football players push in practice?  The six of us (totally non-football types, mind you) pushed that thing down a hill, spun it around, then pushed it back up the hill.  It was super intense!  Then we crawled under it, jumped on it, used it for pull-ups, and ran across the top - until I tripped, dinged my shin, and did a face-plant in the grass.  I tell ya, I was the picture of grace.

Each of us was supposed to bring something to use for the workout.  Not everyone did but we ended up with a weighted ball, towels, a sledge hammer, and a cinder block.  Oh, and a Frisbee.  Here's what we did with each:
  • weighted ball - ran in a line down the field and back, tossing it to each other
  • towels - draped them over the soccer goal and hung from them/did pull-ups
  • sledge hammer - threw it
  • cinder block - laid down, extended arms back overhead with block in hands, brought it forward to our chest as we did a sit up, then stood up and raised it overhead in a shoulder press
  • Frisbee - warm up activity (Hey, you gotta have some fun!)

Our next workout is going to be the official Tough Mudder Boot Camp Training.  We're going to meet at a park we haven't tried yet - one with some good monkey bars and a track - to go through the 50 minute workout. 

Two more weeks to Tough Mudder, my friends.  TWO. MORE. WEEKS.  Yikes.

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