Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Countdown to Tough Mudder - 3 Days


As it gets closer and closer, the Mudders have been resting more as we ease up on our workouts.  I did go to Boot Camp tonight but "took it easy."  (I put that in quotes because can you ever really take it easy at Boot Camp?  No.)  

Anyway, the team did get together today but it was for something more fun and relaxing than our usual monkey bar/fence climbing/tire-flipping antics.  It was tee shirt time!  In the beginning, we planned on getting matching shirts made with out team name - "Rhodes Scholars" (a play on our team captain's last name).  After much debate we finally decided to buy plain tech shirts from Target and just design them ourselves.  That way we could make sure they were the right fit, size, style and right for both guys and girls.  We found a sweet bright green (coincidentally my favorite color) and everyone was able to find a suitable fit.

Because they're tech shirts we can't do iron-on transfers (you can't use heat on the material) so we used stencils and fabric spray paint.  Although everyone used the same materials and put the logo on the front with last name on the back, they all turned out differently.  And they all look SUPER SWEET!!!  I wasn't able to get a picture of everyone's shirts all together but will do so on Saturday before they get muddied up in the event.  

We just went with "RS" for "Rhodes Scholars" and a graduation cap.  That's mine on the left (I cut off the sleeves) and Andy's on the right.
Andy added a "Tough Mudder" stamp of approval.

I think we're gonna look pretty bad-ass, don't you?

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  1. Your team is gonna rock the Tough Mudder! All of us slackers will be thinking of you while we sweat it out at Boot Camp this weekend!

  2. Thanks, Julie! I'm sure there will be a point on Saturday where I'll wish I was at Boot Camp instead! :)