Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Cupcake Station - various locations

Plymouth location - 318 Main Street

When you are craving a vegan cupcake - and I mean a real deal, totally delicious, buttercream-frosted vegan cupcake - look no further than The Cupcake Station.  There are 4 locations - Plymouth, Ann Arbor, Birmingham, and Ferndale.  Brian and I were in Birmingham the other day for "Two Buck Tuesdays" and I had this amazingly delicious bad boy right here for just $2.  That's right - just $2!

Vanilla cake filled w/ chocolate frosting

A few months ago I special ordered some mini cupcakes for my BFF Katie's baby shower.  Katie knew they were vegan but I didn't let anyone else in on the little secret until after everyone was already raving about how delicious they were.  (Not that people wouldn't have eaten them - I just love to drop the V-Bomb and surprise people!)  

Chocolate cake w/ vanilla frosting (left), Cookies & Cream (right)
Mixed berry (back), Vanilla cake w/ vanilla frosting (front)

Unfortunately, most of the cupcakes at The Cupcake Station are not vegan.  They only make a couple of Vabulous Vegan varieties each day.  (But as I always say, we vegans gotta take what we can get!)  Unless they're sold out, you're sure to get the chocolate and vanilla but from there it's a surprise.  When I was there on Tuesday they had Delicious Banana, which was banana cake with chocolate chips and walnuts, frosted with vanilla buttercream.  They also had frosting-filled (vanilla cake with chocolate frosting - see first photo - and chocolate cake with vanilla frosting).  When I picked up cupcakes for Katie's shower they had the Mixed Berry as the special flavor.  And if you want something specific, just call ahead.  They were very accommodating on the phone as to what they could make vegan. 

No matter what the flavor, you will not be disappointed, TRUST me!

Have you had vegan cupcakes from The Cupcake Station?  What flavors have you tried?

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