Saturday, July 7, 2012

Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company - Detroit, MI

There's a new coffee shop in town - Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company.  We've been purchasing whole-bean Great Lakes Coffee at various retail locations, such as Westborn Market, as well as brewed cups at Avalon and Eastern Market for years.  It's excellent coffee and we love that it's a local roaster.

Monday was the grand opening of their new coffee shop, located on Woodward in Downtown Detroit.  The building is absolutely gorgeous.  You should go there even if you don't drink coffee, just to get a look at the place.  (But seriously, who ARE you?)  As you can see from the photos below, there are exposed brick walls and high wood ceilings.  The furniture is wooden with metals chairs and stools.  There's seating at the bar and along the huge glass windows, along with some small and large tables throughout the spacious and open room.  The big windows provide great natural lighting.  As I said, GORGEOUS.

The coffee is amazing, as well.  It was just their first week so I imagine (hope) they might be expanding their pour-over coffee offerings a bit.  When we were there they only had 2 choices - a light, fruity roast and a dark, bold roast.  I went for the dark roast - Kenya French Mission - and was not disappointed.  Their prices are definitely not cheap, though.  For just a regular-sized mug of coffee expect to pay either $2.75 or $4.50.  Like I said, I hope they'll expand their selection and have a few other things in between.  But it was a damn fine cup of coffee.  Brian had a latte that he was quite pleased with, as well.  And it had the fancy little leaf design on top - which I can't see without thinking of The Green Hornet - so we were both happy.

They have outdoor patio seating and - are you ready for this - are also a wine bar!  Coffee and wine under the same roof?  Genius!

Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company is located at 3965 Woodward Avenue in Detroit.

Check out their Facebook page for more info.

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